Purchase SafeGuard LM 6

SafeGuard LM 6 base product includes node-locked and floating licenses, SafeGuard Manager and all necessary utility applications, including the C, C++, FORTRAN, Java, Python, Objective C, AutoHotKey, PHP 7, MetaTrader 5 and VB.NET APIs for all the license functionality, plus a reverse proxy server for the license manager and Product Activation Server.

When requesting to purchase, please include which architecture/platform combinations you wish.

There are five platforms sold separately. They are:

  MacOS - x86_64

 Windows - x86_32

 Windows - x86_64

 Linux - x86_32

 Linux - x86_64

Pricing for each platform is as follows:

   SafeGuard LM 6 with the Product Activation Server......................:  US $350

   SafeGuard LM 6 without the Product Activation Server.................:  US $250

   Upgrade to next major release of SafeGuard LM............................:  US $250

Special discounts apply to students working on a start-up business, and or a single person with an unlicensed business.  For example, no LLCs, Corporate filings, etc.  If you are someone selling software out of your residence and want to protect your software, contact us for a very special discount.  We will look at every case very carefully.  We want you to be successful with your software products.

Contact us to request a quote.  Don't forget to specify which platform(s) you are requesting.  The quote will come in the form of a Paypal Invoice.  You will need to provide us the Ethernet (MAC) addresses of the machines you wish to run the license generator(s) and Product Activation Server(s) on.   We will deliver your software and licenses after payment.

Developer licenses of SafeGuard LM are node-locked.  They include a 3-pack license set, meaning you can use the developer tools such as SafeGuard Manager, and keycode generation utilites on up to 3 machines.

The Product Activation Server is also node-locked.  It too comes in a 3-pack license set, meaning you can use the Product Activation Server on up to 3 machines.  For example, two development machines and one production machine.  If you purchase more than one platform, you can split these licenses between each one.  For example, you may want to execute the manual license generation on Windows, but run the Product Activation Server on Linux.

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