Enterprise-class Software License Management

SafeGuard LM is an all-in-one software license solution for your company. Whether you need simple node-locked copy protection, floating licenses for more sophisticated licensing needs, or the Product Activation Server to automate license fulfillment for demo licenses and paid licenses.  SafeGuard LM has all these, plus SafeGuard Manager which is an out of the box manual license generation system which stores not just the generated licenses for a customer but also their company and contact information.  SafeGuard LM not only comes with a rich API to protect your software applications, but also a complete API to perform all the functionality you may want to embed in your installation programs or your own custom software applications so that you have complete control over your users experience of installing and managing their licenses.

Our goal has always been to achieve zero technical support problem calls for your software with regard to licensing.  Obviously, your customers may need assistance with complex, multi-license type installations and configurations, but they should not be calling your support staff with "I'm getting this license error”.

Your customers should never see any aspect of licensing unless they wish to query it, control it, or generate reports on it, with either our provided applications or your custom applications that can access all of the same internal functionality of what we do with our command line or graphical interfaces.

You can build custom Java, Python, PHP, C, C++, C#, Objective C, Perl, VB.NET, FORTRAN or any other supported native language interface applications with ease by you or your staff.  We are are not just a software license provider, but also a toolbox that can access programmatically all the same functions and internal data structures as we do from any supported language interface securely with only your private encryption information.

SafeGuard LM 6.5 Released

The SafeGuard LM 6.5 version is important in several ways.  There is the addition of Python 3.7.5 and 3.8.6 support as well as 3.6.5.  MetaTrader 4, new example code for C++, c#, vbb.net, Vendor ID support for the license server if you wish to lock the license server to something other than the MAC address.  Windows 7 will also be the minimum version supported.  6.5 is built on Ubuntu Linux 16.04, requiring GLIBC 2.23 or higher.  If you still need to support older versions of MacOS or Windows, then you can purchase version 5.6.  MySQL for the Product Activation Server will require 5.7, Python will require 3.6.5 or 3.7.5 or 3.8.6, Java will be version 8, gfortran 6.3.0, Visual Studio Express 2015 will be the minimum supported environments.  See the SystemRequirements.pdf for more detail.  Lots of new documentation and the documentation is now not just available in .pdf format but also .epub for your favorite Ebook Reader.  There are also many enhancements.  Support for ARMv8-A both in a client side library as well as a full version.  Client access to licensing and the license server and Product Activation Server has been added for the PPC64le processor.

SafeGuard LM 6.6 Available Now

The SafeGuard LM 6.6 version has support for newer versions of development languages like Python 3.9 and 3.11, Java 17 and 19, plus several other enhancements to the core software.  Existing users can request this release.  See the WhatsNew.pdf for 6.6 for more information on what has changed.

SafeGuard LM 6.6 macOS M1

The SafeGuard LM 6.5 and 6.6 support the native client M1 library.  A full native M1 release is currently being developed which may have some restrictions on certain language support due to the lack of native M1 support by 3rd party developers.  It is our intention to have a complete native M1 release.  Not a M1/Intel hybrid release where your customers would have to install Rosetta to run any Intel based code.  More information will be available as development progresses.

MetaTrader 4

We have added MetaTrader 4 native interface to SafeGuard LM to be used with your MetaTrader Scripts and Indicators that you wish to protect.  This additional API is standard and comes with the general release.


SafeGuard LM provides a simple API to implement complex license management.  Your customers will not even know your software licensing is being enforced.  You, however, will know your software is safe and secure.


With SafeGuard LM you can mix and match license models.  Whether node-locked external, node-locked internal, floating licenses, or even if you want your application to "call home" when launched to obtain authorization from the Product Activation Server.  This "call home" functionality is great when you want to be able to issue a full refund for your software after a certain period of time.  These are some of the different options you can utilize.

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