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Please feel free to contact our support team at in Tampa Florida USA.

Standard Support:

 Standard Support is included in the sale price. 

 Standard support includes all minor releases free of charge within the same major release.  For example, if you purchase 6.4, you will receive 6.5, 6.6 etc.. free of charge. 

 At the next major release, for example 7.0, all we ask is that you re-purchase the software again at your own discretion if you are interested in the new features.  Otherwise, you can remain at the current release indefinitely.  A percentage of developers do this and they are happy to stat where they are. 

 With Standard Support, tech calls, emails, etc., will be responded to within 1-3 business days.  Usually 1 day but with weekends and different holidays than other countries, it can be longer. 


Expanded Support:

 Expanded Support is at an additional cost of $1200(USD) per year billable at time of purchase and on the anniversary date thereafter, and provides a higher level of support.

 With Expanded Support, you will receive in most cases same day responses both inside and outside normal business hours.  In other words, if we start a thread email during business hours, we will keep working on it past normal business hours when possible.  And if we can, we will respond early in the morning CST (Chicago Time) knowing that most of our customers are in Western Europe and 7 hours ahead most of the year. 

 With Expanded Support, You will also receive if necessary fixes to any issues that are a result of a fault in SafeGuard LM within a reasonable amount of time.  So if you find a bug in 6.4 we will fix it for you before 6.5 comes out. 

 Also with Expanded Support, you will not have to pay for any new major release no matter how many platforms you purchased.  In most cases, this pays for the Expanded Support all by itself. 

 When you look at it, it is only US$100 per month for peace of mind and knowing you will receive more timely responses and any required software updates for urgent requests.

Note: expanded support is required for larger companies with more than 50 employees.

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