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SafeGuard LM

The SafeGuard LM Developer Kit contains all the libraries needed, sample code, documentation, license server, reverse proxy server, SafeGuard Manager and command line interfaces for utility functions.  The developer kit also includes the programming API for all the license functions for all supported languages and for node-locked licenses, floating licenses, Product Activation Server API as well as the equivalent API for SafeGuard Manager functionality.

For a general overview, see the Features and Specifications

Product Activation Server

The SafeGuard LM Product Activation Server is included in the developer kit and is designed to activate your products during installation or the first time they are executed or your application can "call home" every time it is launched.  All aspects of automatically generated demo licenses and fully paid license activation is done with the Product Activation Server.  Features such as timeouts, how many times a product can be re-activated, which platforms it can be activated on, which of the sixteen different IDs it can be locked to, remote deactivation of licenses, and other attributes are controlled by you through a MySQL Community Server database.  You can build reports as to who is using your software, see when customers' software subscriptions are going to expire, and many more things.  The Product Activation Server is also used for "license metering" where you wish to control how many invocations of an application is allowed  (Internet access is required for this functionality).

For an overview of the Activation Server, see the Features and Specifications

SafeGuard Manager

SafeGuard Manager (SGM) is a stand-alone application included with the developer kit used to manually generate node-locked and floating licenses.  SGM keeps track of generated licenses for each of your customers as well as the client and company information for whom the licenses were generated.  You can retrieve previously generated licenses and view, update or remove them.

Reverse Proxy Server (Data Pipe)

SafeGuard LM includes a multi-threaded reverse proxy server (or data pipe).  It can be used to forward TCP/IP requests from the Internet to the floating license manager and the Product Activation Server that might not be directly accessible from the Internet.  A reverse proxy takes requests from the Internet and forwards them to a server on an internal network.  This proxy server is also included with the developer kit.

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